A Complete Guide on Avlon texture Release

A Complete Guide on Avlon texture Release

In this blog post, we'll cover all the essential information you need to know about Avlon texture Release. This is one of the top hair straightening treatments to get straight, silky, and shiny hair at home. To know more about Avlon texture Release, read out the following blog: 

What is Avlon texture Release? 

To put it simply, an Avlon Texture Release is a method designed to soften coarse, tightly coiled, and curly hair. It has amino acids and conditioning ingredients that profoundly crosslink inside the hair fibers to enable style adaptability.


Avlon texture


As a result, the client can choose to adjust the texture, which makes combing more manageable. This treatment was created for hair that is very curly and requires moisture, conditioners, and extra attention on the scalp.

Due to the scalp-rejuvenating properties of the Curl Shape & Shine treatment, natural hair is simple to comb through when wet. With regular use of this product, hair fibers are strengthened and lustrous, and hair porosity is greatly reduced. In addition, this anti-frizz, flakes-free styling solution aids in giving hair a defined twist or the ideal coil shape.

You can also buy the whole kit to get smooth and shiny hair. The kit includes Texture Release Nourishing Cleansing Shampoo, Texture Release Releasing Lotion, Texture Release Thermal Protecting Mist, and Texture Release Curl Shape & Shine Cream.

Avlon texture ingredients

The Avlon texture Release provides high levels of shine to your hair. This well-made product strengthens, softens, detangles, and hydrates hair while conditioning it.

Amino acids and glycolic acid are used in the formulation of the Avlon Texture Release. Because the molecules of glycolic acid are so small, they can enter the cortical layer of the hair and lessen breakage. Glycolic acid strengthens hair strands and enables your hair to withstand higher heat levels by filling in craters in the hair shaft. You may use this service for two months.

Avlon texture release Pros and Cons


The advantages of using Avlon Texture Release are: 

  • Your straight hairstyle will last longer with this product because your hairstylist can use many passes with the flat iron for maximum smoothness, and a steamer or hooded dryer is used to activate the Avlon Texture Release Lotion. Your hair stylist may also use 450 degrees or less to smooth out your hair.
  • A shampoo for dry scalps was included in the creation of Avlon Texture Release. The Avlon Texture Release Nourishing Cleansing Shampoo completely and gently washes the scalp and hair without the use of sulphates. This shampoo contains hibiscus, which lessens dandruff and irritation of the scalp while balancing the pH.
  • It can be applied to any type of hair, including curly, wavy, or any type of hair.


The disadvantages of using Avlon Texture Release are: 

  • You need to hire an experienced stylist to make the treatment effective and safe for you. Too much heat or chemical exposure can harm your hair.
  • After the two-month treatment session, you will require another procedure to maintain your straight, silky hair.
  • Even though there have only been a few instances, some patients have reported allergies, including itching or rashes, after the treatment.

Difference between keratin treatment and Texture Release

Many treatments, such as keratin or texturizer, will help you manage the texture of your hair. However, with continued use, outcomes could also result in a loosening of the hair's texture.

"The oils and butter included in organic fruits and vegetables are the primary constituents of a texture release. Instead of formaldehyde and keratin, they employ amino acids. Acids are superior to keratin, formaldehyde, and every other component of texturizers in terms of their effects on hair. Amino acids are typically present in hair care products because they help to maintain smooth strands, reduce breakage, and help retain moisture.

Benefits of a Texture Release 

The Glyoxylic Acid, Amino Acids, and Conditioning Agents in this heat-activated treatment penetrate deeply into the hair fibers to provide the greatest styling versatility. A treatment called texture release uses sub-micron technology and amino acids. Both formaldehyde and methylene glycol are absent from the system. As a result, this substance is not a harsh chemical. 

The benefits of a Texture Release include

  • Nourishing natural hair
  • Reducing shrinkage
  • Enhancing manageability.

 This method also makes the transition from relaxed to natural hair easier.

Styling Outcomes

The system helps in three styling outcomes: 

  • Elongates natural curl pattern - it softens, stretches, and defrizz 
  • Versatility- ability to wear hair in its natural state or straight styles 
  • Optimal Straightness - gives the relaxed look without any commitment.


1. How long does Avlon texture release last?

It will last 10–12 weeks. The active ingredient in Avlon Texture Release is bonded to the hair cortex semi-permanently through heat activation, helping to retain the hair long, wavy, or straight for 10–12 weeks while protecting it from the damaging effects of humidity.

2. Is Avlon texture release a relaxer?

The Avlon's texture release allows people to maintain their natural curl pattern without permanently straightening their hair. The treatment is heat activated and uses amino acids and conditioning chemicals that deeply permeate the hair fibers to provide style variety.

3. How often can you use Avlon texture release?

Most people use a texture release  3 or 4 times a year, and they find that it softens and moisturizes hair, lengthens coils, and lessens the likelihood of frizz in humid or wet conditions.

4. Is Avlon texture release a chemical?

Texture release uses heat-activated amino acids to artificially straighten hair as opposed to relaxers, which use chemicals. In essence, this means that you straighten your hair after adding products to it. Just heat, no chemicals. 

5. Is texture release the same as keratin treatment?

The main components of a texture release are the oils and butter. They use amino acids instead of formaldehyde and keratin.

6. Does Avlon texture release have formaldehyde?

Texture release is a treatment based on amino acids and sub-micron technology. Methylene Glycol and formaldehyde are not present in the system.

7. Is texture release safe?

Avlon Haircare developed texture release to loosen coily and tightly coiled textures in a safe, semi-permanent manner that can be removed with a clarifying shampoo.

8. How long after texture release can I wash my hair?

It is advised not to get it wet for at least 3 days to maintain your texture release.

9. How does Avlon texture release work?

Avlon Texture Release works through heat activation where the active ingredient is bonded to the hair cortex semi-permanently, helping to retain the hair long, wavy, or straight while protecting it from the damaging effects of humidity. 

10. Where to buy an Avlon texture release kit?

You can buy the best quality Avlon texture release kit with TJ Beauty. 

11. Does Avlon texture release heat protectors?

It protects your hair against heat damage and makes hair easy to comb while significantly moisturizing hair fibers.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for the best Avlon texture Release kit online, get in touch with TJ Beauty now. We offer a vast range of skincare and hair care products online at reasonable prices. To learn more about the products we offer, visit our website right away. 

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