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TJ Beauty Products Ltd, We are the official distributor of Makari De Suisse products and you can buy with us with full confidence.


We stock products from leading brand like Makari, Aliya Paris, LA Girl and Black Opal. We keep products of high quality that follow strict GMP guidelines for the pharmaceutical industry and adhere to the strictest norms in quality applicable in Europe and the US, making them the preferred skin care whitening product in those 2 continents.


The main skin lightening agent used in products we sell of Makari is Vegeclarine, which is a 100% natural plant extract that is effective in whitening and clarifying. Makari also has a range of products that use caviar extracts in addition to vegeclarine. Makari believe that this combination of ingredients can offer skin tightening and wrinkle removing effects. Caviar has been researched by the scientists at Makari and they found that caviar has been proven to reduce the signs of aging, making the skin plumper, more supple and helping your skin look younger. Buy with confidence, Skin Lotion, Skin Brightening Creams, Skin Care Products, Natural Skin Treatment, Gel and Serum, Makari Extreme and Exclusive range.

Buy online from www.tjbeautyproducts.co.uk that are specifically to address the needs women and men of colour. We are selling luxurious lines of skincare, haircare, cosmetics designed to fit the unique skincare needs of this demographic. TJ Beauty Products supplies items which are formulated to reduce the appearance of dark spots, discoloration, pigmentation, stretch marks, and acne marks which can be such a barrier to achieving the perfect skin tone.

TJBP celebrates diverse beauty and emphasizes the best in you. we aims to transform the lives of people across the globe by helping them get beautiful skin. Plunge into beauty with TJ Beauty Products. Try it today!

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