Bid Goodbye to Skin Concerns Around the Eyes with a Eye Cream

Bid Goodbye to Skin Concerns Around the Eyes with a Eye Cream

Some have said eye cream has no effect, while others maintain it’s worth every penny.

So do eye creams actually work?

The short answer is yes! Read on to find out the purpose and effectiveness of best organic under eye creams. You just might want to add it into your skincare routine by the end.

Why do I need it?


You have to be careful when you apply your eye cream: The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate and thin, making it essential to use a specially designed cream for the eye. The eye area endures a lot of micromovements from constant smiling, blinking, and squinting.

Eye products are formulated differently from facial skin products, so it’s important to use the right products in the right areas. Using face cream for your fragile eye area can actually irritate it and cause further damage instead of protecting it. Facial creams with strong concentrations of ingredients not suitable for the eye can actually cause the enlargement of glands and block pores.

Say goodbye to your under-eye baggage with Makari Retinol Control Smoothing Eye Cream. It helps reduce puffiness and smooth those lines around the delicate skin below your eyes. As we get older, the reproductive process slows down, but the retinol in this product speeds up cell turnover and rebuilds collagen.

What ingredients should I look for?

Retinol as an ingredient boosts cell turnover and has long been proven to be effective against signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and texture. It’s the number one dermatologist-recommended ingredient in improving the appearance of aging skin!

In addition, vitamin C and peptides are ingredients with great anti-aging benefits. Vitamin C can help with dark circles as it protects your skin from environmental damage thus reducing pigmentation while promoting collagen production and skin elasticity.

Peptides support collagen production which improves the appearance of fine lines and thinning skin and also promotes collagen production.

How to apply eye cream:


apply eye cream


Start with a clean surface

If you’re wearing makeup, remove it all and cleanse your face with foam or oil-based cleanser to remove all dirt and makeup. Follow by patting your skin dry and applying toner and serum of your choice. Makari carries skincare products for all skin types and needs. 

Choose a suitable eye cream for your needs

Eye creams are formulated for all types of needs; puffiness, wrinkles, hydration, etc. You can’t go wrong with Makari’s Retinol Eye Cream which helps depuff, smoothen, and brighten the eyes.

Gently apply eye cream

You have to be extra gentle when touching the delicate skin around your eyes, so lightly tap on the product under and around the eyes. Refrain from pulling at the skin, which can lead to more wrinkles and fine lines, and don’t pack on too much product as you only need a pea-sized dollop. Allow the eye cream to absorb before moving on to the next step.

Top off with a facial moisturizer

Finish the rest of your skincare routine with a hydrating moisturizer before applying sunscreen and makeup.

We see bright eyes in your future!

It’s never too late to start using retinol in your skincare routine and it’s recommended to start in your late 20s. To protect the delicate skin, remember to only use products specially made for the eyes containing beneficial ingredients like retinol and vitamin C. Always use a gentle hand when applying products around the eye and use sunscreen to protect your skin during the day.

If you’re interested in adding a luxurious eye cream to your skincare routine, try Makari Retinol Control Smoothing Eye Cream. It’s powered by Swiss science and formulated with collagen and retinol to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. In addition, this retinol eye cream will reduce puffiness and firm the delicate skin around the eyes, resulting in youthful radiant eyes.