Sensitive Skin: Causes, Signs & Tips

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Sensitive skin is becoming more common than not common.  The severity of skin sensitivity, however, can vary from occasional reactions, to extreme sensitivity occurring daily. Both men and women can be affected by skin sensitivity. However, because women generally use more facial skincare products, they may be more likely to be exposed to irritants.

Common Triggers of Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is caused by nerve endings in the top layer of skin becoming irritated. In people with sensitive skin, this top layer is typically weaker, thinner, and more easily damaged, making it easier for irritants to penetrate the skin and cause inflammation.  It is also common that as you get older, your skin becomes more sensitive.  As you age, the top layer of your skin doesn’t turnover less frequently so skin becomes irritated more easily.  Hency that is why products you used to use with no problem may no longer work for your skin.  It also explains why you might experience more dryness as you get older, since your skin can’t hold onto moisture as well.

TJ Beauty Sensitive Skin Causes

Signs of Sensitive Skin

If you aren’t sure whether you have sensitive skin, check out our list below.  If you experience any of these signs, you may need to use skincare that soothes and protects skin.

Sensitive Skin Signs

Tips for Sensitive Skin

If you have skin allergies or sensitivity, you need to be careful and patient with products that contain strong active ingredients. You should research products that contain powerful ingredients, like chemical exfoliants such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid, vitamin C, or topical retinoids/retinol (vitamin A).  Although you can eliminate some of the causes of skin sensitivity, it can never be completely healed.  However, the right skincare regimen can protect and prevent your skin from irritation and keep it hydrated, smooth and glowing.

TJ Beauty Sensitive Skin Tips

Tips to Start a New Skincare Regimen:

  • Start using a new product gradually so your skin can build up a tolerance.
  • Select a lower concentration, use a small amount, and only use it every two or three days at most.
  • Apply a very simple, very gentle moisturizer underneath (or mix it in) to create a buffer. This will reduce the irritating effects of strong active ingredients.
  • As your tolerance grows over time, start to gradually increase the frequency.   Apply the product directly, before your moisturizer.


Some Tips to Remember:

  • Use a daily skincare routine that is formulated especially for sensitive skin
  • Cleanse every evening, moisturise twice a day
  • Wear an SPF of 15+ with UVA protection
  • Always choose cosmetics that are suitable for sensitive skin
  • Avoid chemically laden cleaning & laundry products, which can irritate your skin

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